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Unified Compliance Solutions


Certria is a neutral entity that provides complete end-to-end compliance, supervisory and risk mitigation solutions for eBusiness in regulated jurisdictions around the world.

A short description of the ever growing list of services we provide can be found here.

Over 20 years experience servicing the global eBusiness industry.

Privileged access to our trusted private services around the world.

Optimal solutions for your eBusiness challenges.

Ensure jurisdictional corporate, technical and regulatory compliance.

Optimise operations, centralise compliance and supervisory services.

A Trusted Partner, unassailable neutrality.

Minimise risk and exposure, maximise results.

Multi Jurisdictional Compliance and Supervisory Services

Certria guides you at every step of the process – from advising and fulfilling company structure planning and setup, license application handling, frontline 3rd party supplier services setup, through covering the complete compliance and supervisory requirements.

Global Compliance Services & Supervision

Certria’s unmatched end to end tailor-made corporate and technical compliance ready services provide you with everything required in all the key eBusiness  jurisdictions around the world.

Management Portal Licensing & Supplier

Our innovative portal allows for centralised and secure managment, validation and verification of licensing, services, compliance and operational status to clients, suppliers, regulators and partners.

Trusted Supplier Management & Validation

Certria provides access to trusted services and relationships with all required parties in the eBusiness landscape, allowing you to grow your business in a trusted network of frontline partners and suppliers.

Technical & Services Compliance - Global

With its end-to-end multi-jurisdictional compliance framework and 20 plus years of know-how, Certria offers privileged access to a wide variety of in-house services, trusted frontline 3rd party providers and locations, bundled with proactive advise on pitfalls with the underlying legislations and supplier terms. All inhouse and 3rd party services are directly managed by you in our compliance services portal.

Colo, Lease & HostGlobal & Compliance Ready

Certria offers private leased and colocated bare metal servers and hosting services in a number of hand picked locations with favourable and predictable compliance regulation all over the world.

Private & Hybrid Cloud Services

Certria offers easy to use compliant cloud solutions – from pre-vetted public cloud providers to custom private tailored setups with added disaster recovery and service failover capabilities, we have you covered.

Private ServicesProxy, VPN, BGP

Certria uses an in-house developed distributed platform of private proxies, VPN’s and custom BGP services to cover intricate compliance requirements and at the same time protect your origin infrastructure and location.

Data ComplianceStorage & Reporting

Through our inhouse private cloud compliance solutions we simplify reporting and data compliance for eBusiness licensing and tax purposes. Certria assists in planning and housing of mission critical data in our private facilities.

DNS & Load BalancingMission Critical - Global

Certria provides mission critical domain zone hosting. We employ advanced DNS features such as Geo Load Balancing to streamline customized solutions to maintain business continuity.

X509 CertificatesManaged Service

Certria is a reseller of SSL, S/MIME and Code signing certificates from some of the top identity providers in the industry. We advise and drive the issuance process to minimise the effort on your side.

Corporate Compliance

At all times, we keep an eye on how regulatory and contractual requirements evolve all around the globe. Constantly striving to understand the principles and trends in this process, we are able to offer the optimal solutions to your challenges.

Corporate ServicesGlobal Footprint

Coupling the local know-how with the global foresight, Certria offers you multi-jurisdictional corporate setups and compliance services, tailor made to fit the optimal solution for your eBusiness case.

Payment Processing Vetting and Setup

Certria provides a number of options for vetting and setting up of secured solutions optimised for eBusiness.

Banking Setup Assistance

Certria can assist with vetting and setting up of merchant and corporate banking providers.